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When mobiles came to market everyone got excited . Gradually they became part of day to day life . Mobiles became business tools and slowly they became play toys for children as well . Mobiles and gadgets are causing different social and personal life difficulties which may lead to long term adverse consequences.

Recently one parent brought her nine year old child to me for aggressive behaviour , lack of interest in studies and impulsiveness . On discussion I realized that it was just a tip of iceberg .
One day this child came running home , little scared and pale expressions on face. Sat quietly in one corner . After some time the neighbour came rushing their house telling ; that your child was trying to press pillow on my child’s face .My son is horrified with your son’s erratic behaviour .
During discussion , I realized that the child is given mobile for playing games . He used to play games called 
1. Shadow Fights ( Link to see how cruel and ruthless these fights are .)
 2. WWE ( Link to see how unrealistic these fights are . Anyone may suffer grievous injuries  if someone tries some of these steps in real life .)
He also revealed that he watched two horror movies named in last 6 months  .
1. Rajmahal  ( a horror movie – possession and ghosts .link )
2. Kanchana  ( a movie about revenge , killing , spirits and tantriks – link )
He reported that he gets scared in dark places and feels that someone is calling him .
 He was extremely aggressive and abusive if his demands are not fulfilled .
He used to get restless if he had to wait for some task . He would bang his fist on mobile screen if it took little more time to start .
He could not differentiate between wht is real and what is fantasy. This explains his aggressive behaviour towards his friends .
As per Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth edition following are the proposed criteria for most dreadful disorder of current time – Internet Gaming Disorder.

If we observe the above criteria we can see that they are not different than any drug dependence and drug abuse .
Actually it has been observed in various studies that same brain chemicals are involved in gaming disorders and drug abuse disorders.
All addictions are operated using brain’s reward pathway system .  The games or substance triggers release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which influences neurons in the nucleus accumbens, as well as other brain areas, such as the prefrontal cortex. This release of dopamine causes high feeling ; a feeling of increased self-worth , feeling of achievement , feeling of being something great . This in turn again stimulates the person to opt for the game or the substance again. This leads to repetitive indulgence in the same behavior.
Here are links to know more about above findings.

Tere are many possible causes of gaming disorder development . Some of them are -
Most metropolitan cities both parents are going for job . They think that they are earning for better future for their kids .But at the same time their absence in child’s daily life leads to a feeling of loneliness . To overcome this feeling of loneliness they indulge in internet and gaming abuse .
Frequent comparison and criticism by parents . A sense of low worth ; low confidence creates anguish in children . The achievement in mobile games , even though it has no connection to real life – considered as replacement to real life lack of achievement feelings .
Many times parents are having interpersonal disputes and difference of opinions . During these disputes sometimes children get neglected to extent. Children are extremely sensitive to attention. If they don’t get attention or if parents don’t express their love and affection to them through words or behaviour , they feel they are not being loved .
Sometimes they even start thinking that they don’t deserve being loved. This leads to more and more destructive behaviour patterns , like addictions , binge internet use ; mobile gaming . 


Observe your child :-
Every parent should learn to observe their child’s behaviour . Any avoidance of interactions; remaining aloof ; not talking freely should rise an alarm in mind that something may be disturbing the child.

Give more time :-
Giving time for child’s development is very crucial in early developmental stages when the mind is taking shape . The child can be disciplined and emotionally supported easily in early age groups.
If not possible , then parents should focus on quality time .
Because we are working hard to earn money all the week days , we deserve a good sleep and social friend circle gala time is an attitude which steals your quality time which you can provide to your growing child.
Do not Compare :-
Comparison is the root cause of all inferiority, and so called superiority complex.  It is justified by some parents saying, comparison helps our children to achieve higher goals .
But in real life , the child never likes to be compared with any other child. Usually parents show other child’s better behaviour, so that their child also starts behaving the same.
Its simply not possible because every child is unique.
With comparison the child starts believing that he lacks something which is essential in life. If he doesn’t have that thing his parents will not love him . This gives rise to first feeling of worthlessness. Which in turn starts a chain of low performance . Even if the child performs better, he would have to keep it up always . Otherwise he will loose worth which he has achieved with his hard work . He can never relax now.

Its very essential to stop comparing and start appreciating whatever skills they have. Parents should keep on motivating their children saying “try your level best . Don’t worry even if you don’t achieve we are with you . We will be always with you. But better achievements give better opportunities.

Express love often :-
 By nature children think negative easily and doubt a lot . Considering this fact parents should make a habit of expressing love and affection to the child. It can be verbal , simply “ I love you my child “ or a simple hg and kiss on child’s forehead is much more than any gold medal for the child .
It recharges the bonding and creates children more loving and caring human beings.



  1. Very well explained Doc. Was shocked to read that these internet games affects the subject in the same manner as drugs do. Its dangerously alarming!!!!

  2. Thank you Dr.Nishikant, We as a parent always come across such situations when we feel turn we bit the child,outburst our anger..And many reactive ways come out..
    This article is absolutely thoughtful dose to parents..Many unanswered queries resolved.. Thanks a ton.

  3. Its brief and well explained. Mobile phone addiction is bad and it's worse with children.
    May God help!


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