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Hallucinations explained simplified ( English)

What is hallucination

In simple language hallucination means getting sensation without any stimulus .
 Hearing something even if nobody is around. (Known as auditory hallucinations.)
 Saying images even if nobody is there.(known as visual hallucinations.)
 Feeling that somebody is touching even if nobody is touching.(known as tactile hallucinations.)
 Getting smells and sessions even if nothing is cooking, nothing smelly around. (Known as olfactory hallucinations.)
Seeing images and responding to them is commonly seen in psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. (Image source-

Hallucinations different from illusions ?

Yes hallucinations and illusions are two different things. Illusions array based on some real experiences.when we watch a movie it is series of multiple images but we can see the movie as if it is a single video.  Another example of illusion is when we rotate a bright object in dark environment we can see a circle forming. But actually there is no circle in the air. Another example of illusion is seeing places water ponds in deserts. Actually they are the heat waves coming out from the sand which make it appear as if it is water. in all above examples we can see that there is actually something which is creating different image in the mind.
Religion found by fire crackers
Illusion phone by firecrackers rotating in a circular fashion. (Image source
But in case of hallucinations there is nothing externally but it keeps on making images or sensations in the mind.

What are the different conditions in which we can see hallucinations ?

2)Bipolar mood disorder
 3)Delusional disorder
4) Drugs induced psychosis
5)Psychotic depression
7) Acute medical conditions.

What are the causes of hallucinations ?

Certain neurotransmitters like dopamine are responsible for hallucinations in psychological disorders.

What is the treatment of hallucinations ?

Hallucinations are treated with medicines which control and balance brain neurotransmitters.
In acute medical conditions it is important to treat the medical condition which itself resolves the hallucinations.


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