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What are mind maps ?
Mind maps are simple flow charts , showing multiple factors involved to finish a single tasks or multiple factors influencing single process.
These maps are very helpful in appearing exams or other situations effectively and confidently.

Why mind maps ?
Mind maps help us to get organised. We get a complete picture of the process or plan .
Our both sides of brain work in harmony.
This improves the results.
One part thinks more logically and in sequence and another part thinks in artistic manner and wants a complete picture before the task is completed.
(We need not go in details.)

How it is useful in exams or other programs ?

We can make mind maps of each and every
 Question. We can organise many factors properly.

Here i am giving example of a birthday party .
Factors involved are multiple . For example - Number of Friends , Decorations , Party Halls , Budget , Food , etc.

Now we can see there are many sub-factors are also I involved, like calling friends, finding hall rates, veg or nonveg food , balloons , etc.

If we don't organise these things we may find the process very complicated.

Hence we can convert it into a mind map.
Mind Map Birthday Party Get Organised
This map is just a small example of mind map .

Watch the video, which shows how this mind map is made.

This habit of making maps will definitely help you throughout your life 

You can make maps for all the questions, time management, setting goals and planning carrier.


Your mind maps will give you almost all information from study chapters .
These can be very helpful in last moment revisions.

Hope this making - mind maps article helps you to get organised.

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